Primary Care

Primary Care services offered in Temecula, CA

Primary Care

Primary care covers your basic health needs, from preventive screenings and immunizations to annual exams and health counseling. At Innovative Medical Group in Temecula, California, the experienced primary care providers offer adults a full suite of services. Whether you’re new to the area and need to establish a new medical home, or it's been a few years since your last checkup, Innovative Medical Group can help. Call the office today to schedule a primary care appointment, or book your visit online. 

What is the difference between primary care and preventive care?

Primary care and preventive care are similar. In fact, preventive care is a component of primary care. Even so, there are differences:

Preventive care

The goal of preventive care is to catch potential illnesses and ailments before they present noticeable symptoms. This type of care uses preventive screenings and lab work to identify health problems early and treat them proactively to avoid future complications.

Primary care

Primary care is personalized, comprehensive health care based on your individual needs. Your primary care provider uses a combination of preventive care, healthy lifestyle changes, and health counseling to help you live a long, healthy, and active life. 

What are examples of primary care services?

Innovative Medical Group offers various primary care services, including:

Preventive screenings

Preventive screenings, like Pap smears and prostate exams, identify chronic illnesses in their early development. Addressing chronic conditions promptly reduces the risk of complications and preserves your health.

Lab tests

Lab tests analyze bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood, and urine, to gain insights into your health. Innovative Medical Group uses lab tests to diagnose underlying health problems, including vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, high cholesterol, and kidney disease. 


Immunizations, also known as vaccines, teach your immune system to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other harmful invaders. Staying current on your immunizations reduces your risk of contagious illness and helps protect your loved ones. 

Annual exams

Annual exams assess your general well-being from head to toe. They present an opportunity to ask your doctor questions, identify potential health problems, and help you age more gracefully. 

Prescription medication

Certain diseases, like asthma and diabetes, require prescription medications to manage symptoms. If your Innovative Medical Group provider determines that you can benefit from one (or multiple) drugs, they write you a prescription and monitor your results.

What should I bring to a primary care appointment?

Prepare in advance of your primary care appointment at Innovative Medical Group. The team recommends collecting your health insurance card, writing down any questions, and keeping a list of the medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements you take.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you have time to fill out patient paperwork. 

Call Innovative Medical Group today to schedule a primary care visit or book online.