Transitional Care

Transitional Care services offered in Temecula, CA

Transitional Care

Transitional care combines nursing and personalized rehabilitative services to help you transition from a hospital or long-term care facility back home. At Innovative Medical Group in Temecula, California, the experienced primary care providers use transitional care to help people recovering from surgery, strokes, and heart attacks get back on their feet and regain their independence. Call Innovative Medical Group today to learn more about transitional care, or book your appointment online. 

What is transitional care?

Transitional care is an internal medicine subspecialty that promotes recovery after surgery or a life-threatening medical event. It helps you regain mobility and return home after spending weeks or even months in a hospital or long-term care facility. 

No two transitional care treatment programs are exactly alike, but they usually include one or more of the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Lab testing
  • Wound care
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Fall prevention
  • Respiratory therapy

Your Innovative Medical Group provider monitors your recovery at routine checkups and adjusts your care plan as needed to ensure optimal results. 

Why is transitional care important?

Transitional care is important because it helps you adapt to extreme changes in your health. For example, if you have untreated diabetes and develop a severe infection, you might need to have your foot amputated. 

Learning to use crutches or a wheelchair takes time and effort. It's possible to make these changes on your own, but you might feel lonely and discouraged. Transitional care aims to reduce some of the shock by supporting you throughout the recovery process.

Specifically, It includes regular checkups and custom therapies to help you recover quickly and adapt to your new abilities.

What does transitional care involve?

Innovative Medical Group tailors transitional care to each person’s health and needs. Before making any recommendations, your provider reviews your medical records, completes a comprehensive physical exam, and orders lab work to gain insights into your health.

They also connect with your care team. For example, if you’re preparing to undergo knee replacement surgery, your provider meets with your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist. Coordinating treatment ensures everyone is on the same page to help you recover quickly. 

How long will I need to participate in transitional care?

The time you need to participate in transitional care depends on various factors, including the injury or illness you’re recovering from, your general health, and your risk of complications. 

Young, healthy adults typically transition to their new routine within 3-4 weeks, but for older adults, the process can take months or longer. Be patient, attend your checkups, and follow your provider’s instructions. The more you commit to treatment, the better your results. 

Call Innovative Medical Group today to schedule a transitional care appointment, or book your visit online.