Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care services offered in Temecula, CA

Geriatric Care

Geriatric care is personalized health care for adults 70 and older, focused on making aging more comfortable while preventing common age-related health problems. At Innovative Medical Group in Temecula, California, the expert primary care providers offer full-service geriatric care, including chronic disease management, medication management, and specialist referrals. Call Innovative Medical Group to schedule geriatric care today, or book your appointment online.

How is geriatric care different from internal medicine?

Geriatric care and internal medicine both focus on adults, but they aren’t the same:

Internal medicine

Internal medicine involves diagnosing and treating acute and chronic health problems in adults. It also offers preventive care, including immunizations, screenings, and prescription medication.

Geriatric care

Geriatric care focuses on the specific needs of older adults. This demographic is more likely to suffer from multiple health problems and/or take prescription medication. Geriatric care delivers personalized treatment that reduces the risk of illness and promotes healthy aging.

Who should consider geriatric care?

Consider geriatric care if you’re 70 or older and have one or more chronic illnesses, like high blood pressure or diabetes.

There’s no cure for chronic diseases, but geriatric care can reduce the risk of severe outcomes and help you live an active, healthy lifestyle regardless of age. 

What services does geriatric care include?

Innovative Medical Group offers various geriatric care services, including:

Medication management

Older adults often take two or more prescription medications. Though most are safe and well-tolerated, certain drug combinations increase the risk of side effects and negative interactions. Medication management helps you optimize results while reducing these risks. 

Chronic disease management

Chronic disease management teaches you how to cope with incurable illnesses like arthritis and heart disease. It uses a combination of prescription medication, healthy lifestyle changes, and routine checkups to help you enjoy a good quality of life. 


Immunizations train your immune system to fight off invaders like viruses and bacteria. These vaccines won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick, but they reduce your risk of severe outcomes, including hospitalization and death.

Men’s and women’s health

Senior men and women have different medical needs based on their reproductive organs. For example, older men are at higher risk of prostate cancer, and older women are more likely to get breast cancer. Sex-specific screenings aim to catch these problems early.

Specialist referrals

The Innovative Medical Group providers diagnose and treat most age-related health problems. But if you need a special screening or more personalized care, they can refer you to nearby specialists and coordinate treatment. 

Transitional care

Transitional care helps you transition from a hospital or long-term care facility back home. It includes nursing and rehabilitative services that restore your mobility and help you regain your independence.

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